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10-18-2003, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by csstranger
And to think this rivalry will get better and better as the years go on....
Very disappointed with Columbus on this one. Nederost was doing his best Forsberg impression (and I don't mean scoring/playmaking) and got away with a couple. OSU has a wonderful swim team; they should look into Nederost.

Nash is a whiny baby. He got floored a couple of times, and all he would do is go to the ref and complain. He is going to be a stud though.

I thought the officiating was awful at times. Ling took out Schnabel (who is likely out for a while with a broken wrist/forearm) about 30 feet away from the puck. And while Rob shouldn't get taken down by Ling, it's still a penalty.

The Preds dominated this game from the beginning till Columbus got their first goal. It was a serious domination too. Unfortunately, we didn't get any bounces in the first. They came our way the second, but altogether, this wasn't our night.

Thought Nashville was much more physical than Columbus. Twice Tootoo floored Klesla (thought the first was a charge) and Hamhuis, Zidlicky and Schnabel both had serious hits. Columbus threw the body well, but alot of their activity was away from the play/after the whistle. Nashville was clearly the better team and while Nashville's penalties were deserved, it wasn't called as evenly as I would like. I don't think the refs favored CBJ, but they did turn a blind eye to several major dives by Nederost. The latter caused a penalty on Hutch that lead to the 5-3 goal by Vyborny. Never should have happened.

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