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10-18-2003, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
I know its just one game, but tonight really showed why the Audette, Perreault, and Ryder line just doesn't work. There is absolutely ZERO creativity. None have vision. Aside from a few shifts in the third, the line was easily contained. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if aside from the Ribeiro line, the rest will be completely shaken up.

Also, I think Bulis must be moved up. He is about 15 steps ahead of Dackell and Juneau at all times. He is flying around the ice and is often the only man on the rush on that line. It was sad watching him being the only one buzzing around the Toronto zone, trying his best against 3 or 4 leafs.
Well said. The need for the Perreault, Ryder and Audette line for a playmaking center was obvious tonight. All three are known mostly for their scoring abilities, and after putting up the numbers in the last few games, they showed no signs of creativity nor energy and intensity. Most of the time, they looked out of place, and every time they were about to make something happen in the offensive zone, a mistake was made, or they simply lost the puck, trying to make all by themselves (actually I'm talking particularly about Ryder and Audette here).

I'd like to see Saku take Perreault's spot on that line. With that being said, Yanic looked pretty good especially with Ryder, so why don't we just bring those two down on a lower line with, perhaps, Jason Ward or Niklas Sundstrom. Meanwhile, we'd get a Audette, Koivu and Bulis line that would perhaps create some offense. This line would be well balanced, IMO, as it would bring scoring, good passing, speed, and strenght along the boards brought in by Bulis. Maybe I'll get fired for this, but I'd do it. I'd split that Ryder, Perreault, Audette for next game.

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