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06-25-2011, 02:07 PM
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YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!!! It will get emotional around here and all so, keep that thread idea in mind, and comeback in 4 years.

For the fun of it, 'cause it is in good fun....I'd say B.

Beaulieu is an awesome pick and I'm absolutely thrilled. I'd wish we'd have more tougher forwards, but strangely I'm more thrilled about Round 6 and 7 than the 4th. There are some boom or bust picks and the great thing is that they actually were picked when you can do such picks. Didier, have seen him once and thought we'd be interested in hm. He's actually the guy that has the best potential to be a player for us. Liked Archambault a lot ALL YEAR LONG, just thought that in the end, there were other players. Don't know the 21 yo d-man and there were also other players I wanted. Dietz is fine, reliable, steady...not sure about the ceiling but we will see. Pribyl and Sullivan, well that's interesting, mostly because of where they were picked. So all and all a fine draft. Could have been better, could have been worst.

Unsexy in the middle, sexier as we went along. But possibly rewarding down the stretch.

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