Thread: Confirmed with Link: Nikita Filatov to Ottawa for a 3rd Round Pick
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06-25-2011, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by hossua34 View Post
LOLing so hard right now about people getting excited over Tynan. Oh, he had a good season for Notre Dame and in some tournaments. Whoopdy freakin' doo. I remember getting excited over Kiel McLeod's stats when we drafted him, too. Bottom line is that talent's not likely to transfer to the NHL, or he wouldn't have been sitting there in the third round. Is he really smaller than Filatov? Jesus... Come on, guys. We just drafted a tiny college player with maybe some potential. To get him we traded the player who two years ago was ranked as the top prospect in hockey... And people are posting hearts and starting bandwagons. I know some of you are scratching and clawing for anything to delude themselves into thinking we just won a trade, but that is just sad.
I'm not about to claim we "won the trade". I'm pointing out the silver lining. I'd love this kid even if he wasn't a result of the Filatov pick. It's rare that I go literally from "who the hell is that" to "HOLY **** THIS KID IS AWESOME" in the space of thirty minutes.

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