Thread: Confirmed with Link: Nikita Filatov to Ottawa for a 3rd Round Pick
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06-25-2011, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
How about the other three names?

Folks seem to worry about size 'cause of the possibility of getting bounced off the puck. That's where stickhandling and skating ability come into play, and Tynan's got oodles of both. Think "trip over a boulder" type steadiness, from what I've seen.

I'm not 100% sure if he'll be able to keep that up as the hitting gets rougher, but I love what I see so far.
Calvert made the NHL because he wanted to, he put in the work it required to become an NHL player. I'm glad to have him. Don't know much about Ennis, I don't watch must of the Eastern teams anymore.

Are you familiar with buy low/sell high?? Usually you don't want to trade a player when his value is at his absolute lowest. Unless you just have to have him off the team and don't care what you get back, which appears to be the case. I don't think Howson is expecting much from Tynan or whatever his name is.
Now that we have the info from Tom Reed, it appears Howson's hands were tied and had to get him out of the organization asap. One of Billy Beane's rules of trading is, the moment you're forced to make a deal, you're ****ed, because you're going to make a bad one.

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