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06-25-2011, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Speculation View Post
Flyers fan from out west in Calgary, first off tough day for the team, I am a huge Jeff Carter fan and trading your captain especially in the same day isn't what any fan wants to see, but I wanted to jump in on the Schenn thread as I've had a chance to watch him play in Saskatoon this year.

I watched him really closely after the World Jrs. and in my opinion his skill set was noticeably above the rest of the guys on the ice on both teams. His vision and play making ability stood out immediately and he has a pretty heavy shot from what I saw. I don't think the Blades playoff performance was reflective of Schenn's ability to dominate a game. The game I was at he put up 4 points almost by himself. He averaged over 2 points per game through his games played with the Blades post injury.

Trading Richards for a guy who hasn't cracked an NHL roster yet is worrisome for people, but if this guy realizes his potential you have a hell of a prospect on your hands. When there were rumors of Iginla heading to LA last year, it was almost unanimous in Calgary that Schenn and Simmonds both had to be in that deal or Jarome wasn't going anywhere. He was also a key cog for Kovalchuk when that whole deal was going on too. Most people out west really like Simmonds and he's a tough guy to play against ask the Vancouver Canucks. He will fit well with the Flyers game and although the Flyers lost a great forward in Richards, be patient with Schenn, if he finds his game at the NHL level him and JVR will make the loss of Carter and Richards sting a little less.

Anyways, hoping for another run at the playoffs for the Flyers, thought you guys might want to hear from someone out west who's seen him in action fairly frequently.

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