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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
At least most people here can defend their beliefs, right or wrong. You just poke your little head in here, with a clueless statement. Whats the matter? Scared to throw your .02c out there in case someone disagrees with you?

Waiting to see how everyone else feels before jumping on the bandwagon? I disagree with a lot of people here, but at least I respect the fact they actually have an opinion.
Nope. I find it most humourous to see people like us who have no idea of who these players are, nevermind having seen them play or having had access to 'inside' information and still call them 'underwhelming', etc.

I have a few choices as to how I'll react:

1) do what I did... laugh

2) get upset at another foolish evaluation made without proper and complete information to use in the said evaluation (by the way, as a teacher, if I was to do an evaluation of a student in a similar manner, I'd have my knuckles rapped if not be downright reprimanded)

3) ignore it. nevertheless, I do it with the hope that these 'commentators' will step back and see the weakness of their positions.

4) just add my evaluation (which is... hey! we can actually evaluate this draft less than a day after it takes place?).

I wonder why it is that does a draft evaluation 5 YEARS after the draft. Maybe it gives the one evaluating a better platform from which to see the results of the draft.

So, I go back to my first option. I may as well chuckle at the foolish statements. At the very least I'm following Rabelais's perspective on getting good health. Humour contributes to better health whereas the opposite actually hurts.

Finally, having an 'opinion' without sufficient basis is descriptive of the person who was in a king's court to make him laugh. It actually worked.

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