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09-02-2005, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by reckoning
That`s why all you guys want Noronen to stay. A better chance at the #1 pick. Now it all makes sense.
As dumb as it sounds, I would rather see them be terrible than average. As Sabres fans, we've put up with "average" so much; even the 99 cup Run was an average team that got hot at the right time. Remember Zhitnik being tied for the team lead in postseason points?
As far as the Sabres being worse with Noronen than Biron, I'd say no. Like anybody, Noronen has confidence issues from time to time, but I think if he was given the glove and told to catch with it, he'd prove statistically and anecdotally that he is superior to Biron. Everybody can say, "Remember that save Marty had when he was facing the wrong way and lying on the ice and he stuck up the lobster glove and snagged it? Wow, that was a great save!" But having a few great memories of saves doesn't erase the multitude of memories of "Biron comes out of the net to play the puck, fumbles it, and lets in an empty netter. That's the fourth time this year."
I made reference to Mika stealing a point in Edmonton. I think he had something like 41 saves on the night and let in 1 goal. Instead of coming back with the 'hot goalie', Ruff chose to go with Biron for the next handful of games. The next time Mika got a chance to play, he was awful, and while I cannot say for certain, it seemed like the goals he let in were due to a lack of confidence.
Bottom line: This organization has become stale. Bringing in Briere, Drury, Brad Brown, all injected some life into the team and the fans. But not enough to pass the status quo. It's time that the team says, "we know what we have in Marty, and that's an average-slightly above average NHL starter. Let's see what we have in Mika and Miller." If they suck, they suck, but at least they would know for sure that they need to bring somebody else in the nets. Until they ship of Marty, they'll never know what they really have in the other two.

SORRY that was so long. I got a bit carried away. I hope some of you made it through. If you did, go stretch and get yourself some water.

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