Thread: Prospect Info: Magnus Hellberg, G, 38th Overall
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06-25-2011, 07:12 PM
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The number 38th rated player in the draft was Nick Shore right? He went at 82. Just because guys are rated high doesn't mean they get drafted there.

Who are we going to find in free agency that fits the 40 goal sniper we need without blowing our budget? There is no one out there this year that fits that need. What was Poile supposed to do at 38? Was he going to find a 40+ goal scorer there? Probably not. They don't grow on trees and certainly not that late.

Let's bash Poile for his horrible draft history. He picks Rinne late and the guy is a Vezina trophy finalist. He picks this big kid named Shea Weber in the second round, long before he should've been picked as he wasn't even a top 100 prospect and yet he became a Norris trophy finalist. He plucked a guy named Hornqvist who became a 30 goal scorer for us and he was the last pick in the draft.

Drafts are about building assets, building the farm system, replenishing what may be gone in 3-5 years and having guys ready to fill in. For a team with our budgetary restraints the only way to build and sustain a team is the way Poile does it. I also think some of you forget that Radulov was a risky pick and while he played well while he was here, Poile got burned by wasting a first round pick on him. He played two seasons and he's gone. Talk about a wasted asset and pick but no one complains about that. He took a risk and he got burned. It happens.

While taking a goalie where he did makes some of us scratch our heads, we probably wondered who Rinne was many years ago too. Yeah, we need forwards that can score but maybe he has faith that some of the guys in the system will start moving up the ladder and produce for us. Did anyone think Wilson might start progressing, Beck may be here at some point this year, Latta is coming down the pike as is Watson. While it's not sexy, it's patient. You want a team like Atlanta or Columbus that botches drafts and makes poor trades and signings more than half the time?

Someone should start a thread and make it a game. Someone starts with a good move that Poile made then someone follows with a poor move that Poile made. I'm sure we'll come up with more good moves than bad moves over time.

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