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06-25-2011, 07:34 PM
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Yeah because we really needed another defensemen we have so few.......
See, this is what I don't get. Right now, in 2011, our D is set up pretty well and (maybe) what we really need is wingerz!!1!. When management does not select "wingerz11!1" exclusively in the first 97 rounds of the draft many feel the draft is a bust.
Do not posters here realize that, for the most part, the draftees today (and yesterday) may, if they are extremely luck and talented, start contributing to the team in 2 to 5 years? And by then maybe we might be low on good D-men and stocked high with 8,000 goal per-game wingsters1!1!?
IMO we should start looking at good goalies ASAP. MAF ain't gonna be around forever, and setting up a stellar system focusing on better than average defensemen is a very good, forward-looking plan.
So I mean, as good as we are right now and should be for the forseeable future, what are the odds we are in position to draft a Mario, Sid, Malkin, or stonecold-lock 100 point per year forward anytime soon?
Draft solid D prospects, and those that project to fit well within our current managment's style of play and let RS do his deals when and if they become neccessary, that's my opinion.
Your mileage my certainly vary.

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