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06-25-2011, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Can you explain something to me. I don't understand how you would plan for a draft.

For example, we are picking at 17. I'm sure there were some players in 1-16 that TT really liked and would consider PG to move up if the price was right.

But how many of those players, would he actually have watched? I mean some players are obviously unattainable like Hopkins. But don't you have a responsibility to watch guys 5-15 at least once even if you aren't likely to be able to take them?

Then don't you also want to be prepared if someone offers you a 1st and a 3rd for your 17th pick, to take their 22nd? So don't you need to also watch guys from 15-30?

I mean, that's like 25 guys that you should see in the first round. Now I can't imagine planning for other rounds.
Habs have their own list. They may use CSS and whatever is out there as a tool but they don't wait till this gets out to have their own opinion. So they make their own list and as the year progresses, their list shrinks. So they absolutely has to see everybody in case deals happen, but as the year progresses, you concentrate your efforts on the most likely of scenarios. So Timmins can't see everybody, relies on his local scouts to know if it's worth it or not. Again, I don't remember one year when Timmins said that every pick he made was in his top 50. Knowing Timmins a little, like tons of people in here, we KNOW that Sullivan was in his top 50. And there's a guy we picked in the 7th round. So from his own viewings to his scouts viewings, he's able fairly quickly, I'd say by midseason, to reduce his list so that his second viewings are made by guys on list before they make the final one at the end of the year. Mind you, they surely have to review it based on playoffs performance and all, he surely has to rely on his scouts, but I just find impossible that Timmins chooses a guy he never saw. Could have happened though. We know that the Fischer pick was made mostly because of our scout down there....That's well documented that the Fischer's pick was out scout making tons of pressure for us to pick him. But I'm pretty sure Timmins made the trip to see him.

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