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09-02-2005, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by jpb
You are prehaps familiar with the phrase lies, damn lies and statistics? Those are numbers you just coughed up, and numbers can be made to say just about anything you want.

Carp all you want about the numbers, I've seen what I've seen, and it's my opinion that this team is better off dumping Biron and finding out if Noronen or Miller can step up. If either or both fall or their face, yeah, that'd suck, but Biron isn't getting this team to the playoffs, and I'd rather find out if one of the other two can, and fail in the process if necessary.
Here is where the problem are more or less blaming Biron for this team not making the have been provided with facts that prove that Biron can win games at a solid pace in the NHL even for this team with is an average squad. It has been clearly shown to you that if Biron ever had a backup goalie that could win 30% of his starts we would have made the playoffs in 2 of the last 3 seasons. Blame Bob Essensa and Mika Noronen, not Biron.

That's why the Pro-Biron take offense to comments such as that, because we are providing statements that are factual and accurate, and the Pro-Noronen come back with:

-"He COULD be the next Kipper!"
-"He's just better than Biron, he just is!"
-"But Noronen has never been given a chance!"

All these comments are either opinion, fantasy, or false information.

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