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06-25-2011, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I agree with the others who have suggested supplements. You'll hear some people say you don't need them but they usually aren't in their 30's or beyond. I'm 38 and have been taking supplements before I play hockey since I was 31. It helps in the during and recovery process. EAS makes a great post game drink that you can take with you. When I wake up the following day I don't feel fatigued or tired. The one thing I have found is that I have to switch what I take about once a month or I feel like my body gets used to it/it doesn't feel like it's working. My program is pretty simple. Like some have said I can't play with a lot of food in my stomach. On my drive to the rink I have a G2 mixed with a 4/1 protein powder and some form of creatine. Creatine works for me, you will get negative feedback from some but the important part is you need to find a program that specifically works for you. After the game I drink the EAS recovery drink then I eat a meal when I get home. Without this system I would be exhausted the next days, muscles feel fine.
great suggestions, sounds like it's worth looking into, thanks. I mentioned in a previous post in this thread that i did use whey protein when i was working out religiously. well in addition to whey protein, i was also taking creatine for a good while. they say creatine works for some, and not for others, well it DEFINITELY worked for me. the thing is, because of the frequency/repetition when it comes to me playing hockey, i dont feel like my legs are getting fatigued due to actually playing, they are already dead sometime before i even skate....I do like the creatine idea that idea was something i didnt think of, maybe the acceleration in my muscle hydration would help reduce the "dead legs" feeling.

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