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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I didn't say that Desharnais played on wing though did I. I said the three of them played together for a short period of time.

So I must be imagining this then? Either that or I'm going to have to contract Dobber and tell him that the "Line Combos" section of his site is incorrect.


I will agree though that Moen did look good with Eller & Kostitsyn and that Darche could as well. Though I don't see the benefits of sticking Desharnais on the 4th line. I'd much rather having a checking type center filling that role.
That 1% was with Eller on wing during the 25 games or so that Martin put him there, and played Halpern as 3rd/4th C. The last month or so, Halpern and Eller were switched.

As for having a 4th line checking centre, it frankly makes no sense. Who will they check? They play limited minutes. Anyone worth checking will play lots of minutes so that matchup won't be good.

Your THIRD line can be a checking line, see Jarvis-Gainey-xxx or Carbonneau-Gainey-xxx or even Moore-Lapierre-Pyatt.

A fourth line can be an energy line that tries to pot a few goals too, such as Risebrough-Tremblay-Lambert. It can also contain players who are specialists, such as FO, PP or PK.

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