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06-26-2011, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Zaide View Post
Exactly, a lot can change during a single season. It's all about their progression. Some player progresses a lot (Huberdeau) while some barely impress. At some point during the season, I wanted the Habs to get Saad so much thinking he would become a Getzlaf-type player.

Anyways, are there any powerforwards that would be avalaible during the last half of the 1st round ? I know there's a lot of talentuous defensemen, but I hope we're not going after one with Tinordi, Subban, Beaulieu, etc. in the system. We really need that right-handed, strong center with skills. Galchenyuk or Grigorenko would be perfect, but I doubt we will end up with a lotery pick, unless Price has a major slump.

What's funny is that Yakupov (Gifted goal scorer I guess ?) and Grigorenko (Heard some comparisons with Malkin style of play), if not of the russian factor, could both go #1 and #2. 2004 all over again.
Don't forget Alex Galchenyuk haha my favorite prospect already as you can see. Seriously, yes it's 1 year from now and there's going to be a lot of improvement from players we don't even know about right now. However, these 3 russians: Yakupov(comparable: Ovy but smaller), Grigorenko ( comparable: Malkin) and Galchenyuk (comparable: Hossa), could they all go 1-2-3 respectively? As I recall, there hasn't been 3 russians drafted 1-2-3 in NHL history yet? Maybe next year could be the case lollll That would be insane.

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