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10-18-2003, 09:06 PM
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i was out tonight, on the way home i turn on WBZ. i hear, 3-0 kings, 7 PPs in the FIRST FRIGGIN PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i watch the game, and seemingly, the turning point is when axelsson dropped his gloves but seriously, the b's looked as if they had completely lost all composure (and jillson- what's he doing? i understand protecting the stars, but joe would've PASTED that little twit named avery). then, thornton just absolutely TAKES OVER. this is the thornton that i want to see NIGHTLY. the kings had ZERO shots in the last half of the game. ZERO- NONE- ZIP- ZILCH- LOVE. bruins dominated the 2nd half of the game, and patrice bergeron is the MAN!! he had 3 points tonight - yah, 3 points. and the game tying goal. and boy is this kid cool like the other side of the pillow. and for good measure, knuble buries the winner. UN-FRICKEN-REAL. THIS is the team that i've been looking for. bravo fellas- incredible win. the whole team deserves a

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