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06-26-2011, 12:56 AM
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Well, time for new skates...

I really liked my 6Ks, but since my eyelets are all rusted out (the shop that replaces them charges enough (6 bucks a pop) that replacing them all would be pointless when I could get new skates for the same price) and because they began to hurt/break down in other ways recently, I find myself in the market again. I'd like to stick to Reebok (maybe go half a size down, 8.5 instead of 9) because I like the fit, the pump, and the lace lock, but don't want to deal with bad eyelets again. I dried my skates after every game and sticks and pucks, but they still all began to chip and rust. Does anyone know if the new Reeboks have better eyelets? Or are they still using cheap, weak steel? Are there any brands that use better quality materials in eyelets? Do any brands use brass? I'm looking at the Bauer Supreme One 60s and the CCM U+ 06s as well. Anyone have experience with those or recommendations for other quality mid range skates? Thanks!

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