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06-26-2011, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
So you see Turris and OEL as better than Gomez?

Am I alone thinking Gomez skates fast as hell is after him, can play two-way and has a clutch in PO.

What is the value of Gomez on the current UFA market?
Anyone uses Gomez Scap as a base for a trade is wrong.
Actually, the fact he is costing less than his SCap is very inreresting for half of the league.

Hanzal is the best in this list but you could add Rosival...

Point is: Bisonnette + OEL can probably match OEL.

Question is: what do you offer for OEL?
Gomez + what (PK, MaxPac, AK) for OEL?

most UFA raises are based on their last 1 or 2 seasons, so Gomez would be offered the contract of a +/- 40 pts player...

every team has to base their decisions on salary cap, some even have internal cap lower than the NHL cap... so yeah his salary and cap hit affect his value... just like it affected the return Hawks got in the Campbell trade.

11-12 season he will not cost less than his cap hit.

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