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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
That wasn't my point BC. You said they had never played together as a line, and I provided proof that they did. That's all I was trying to do.

I see your point BC, I would just like to try something different. We don't have the players to form a true checking line, or an energy line that would come close to rivaling the ones you listed.

Which is why I would rather Desharnais be moved up to play with Eller and Kostitsyn to form more of an offensive 3rd line. While moving Moen down to the 4th line with Pyatt/Darche and White. Allowing that line to be a little tougher. Giving White some back up (Moen) if/when he starts getting himself in trouble.
Unless I was so tired I blew what I was writing, the point I was trying to make was that the Eller-Kostitsyn combo that everyone says they liked and which had Eller as CENTER, did not have DD on the wing.

In response to your point here, if for any reason we DID want to put Eller, AK46 and DD together, I would strongly recommend moving Eller to wing, not DD. Desharnais will get killed out there if he has to win board battles all the time. Also he has the better offensive vision of the two youngsters.

As for whether we have the type of players to make an energy line, I think that a fourth line of say Desharnais at center giving it his all for 10 minutes a game, with Darche and White on the wings could indeed create some energy and pot some goals too, especially if they play against guys who are there for muscle and not brains.

Where we may differ is that IMO to be true contender a club should have a checking line that can neutralize the first or second line of the opponent. This is what we had in Moore-Lapierre-Pyatt, and it enabled us to have either the Pleks or Gomez line match up against a lesser line most of the time, meaning that either Cammalleri or Gionta was getting some room to roam.

Down the road if Gomez is moved (which would likely be AFTER this year), maybe Desharnais could become our #2 offensive center playing with decent-sized wingers, while Eller tries to round out his game and become another Jordan Staal, strong defensively with size and speed. We could then give Eller good positionally-aware defensive wingers with speed, like Gionta and Pyatt. This line may be worth its weight in gold, generating goals off the counter-attack and smothering the opponents' scoring opportunities. The trio could play against anyone and not be outmatched, allowing the coach to insulate the Desharnais line a bit, giving them more offensive opportunity without expecting them to have to focus primarily on defence.

That would allow us to make a top three lines of something like:
Plekanec-Leblanc or UFA-Cammalleri
Desharnais-Kostitsyn or replacement-Pacioretty

the fourth line could be:
Darche (if still here)
xxx probably replacing Moen

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