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Maine Sports Network - Streaming Monday's Press Conference.

It seems 100% positive the Coyotes are headed to Portland, guess it's time to introduce the other group in Portland. I am Jeff Schools of The Maine Sports Network. Along with my business partner, Matty, we cover everything to do with Maine Sports. A little history.

We are both born and raised in Maine and feel that gives us a unique perspective that other sites don't. I am 42, born in South Portland, and go back to the Maine Mariners days when Doc Emrick taught me hockey on the radio by calling the 2 Calder Cup winning teams in 78 & 79. Matty is 33, raised in central Maine, and was a sports nut from the get go.

We are both HUGE sports fans, emphasis on the FAN. We were regular callers to 96.3 The Big Jab in Portland, Maine's #1 sports station, so we had a huge passion for sports radio. In 2008 we started a podcast called The Sports Vortex and launched The Central Maine Sports Blog. We then moved the Vortex to a community radio station, all 25 watts of it, for about a year, cutting our proverbial radio chops. In April of 09, after frankly badgering the Big Jab to death, they gave us a Saturday morning show, our baby, The Weekend Warm Up. During that time, we built relationships with all the local minor league teams and actually covered games. Our niche in the market was to provide full, unedited audio from pre, post game and press conferences. Our philosophy is that something gets lost in the translation from audio to a "story" so let's just provide the "real" story. We also have our own photographers, so you get full coverage from our little ragtag group. We now have a family of sites, covering high school sports (which we broadcast on the radio), hockey, baseball and the UMaine system. You can find all links to our sites at Our hockey site is Pine Tree Pucks.

We promise one thing when we cover these teams, we will try and get you, the fan, the info you desire FIRST. We are not as spit and polished as others, but we are passionate and we feel we provide content fans truly want. Our weekend show streams online, if you want a feel for the kind of sports town Portland is..have a listen. We talk everything, so we have a blast! Check out the website, drop us a note and lets see what happens in the next chapter of Portland Pirates hockey.

One of the benefits of the way we have built our business, we have our own, state of the art, remote broadcasting equipment. We can literally broadcast from a field with a 3G card if we had to. We will be streaming Monday's Press Conference to announce the Portland Pirates new affiliate, the Phoenix Coyotes. 1PM start.

Thanks again and hope you will stop on by. Oh, and 1 last thing...we are monsters on the Social Media. We love interacting with people. Twitter is our friend! Follow us @JeffMESN @MattyMESN @Wil_MESN and Maine Sports Network on Facebook.

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