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06-26-2011, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
The FCC ruling is about Comcast using the loophole to deny CSN Philly to other carriers. There are customers of Comcast who are also customers of other providers. Some of those Comcast customers get to watch their favorite teams home town CSN, while other Comcast customers cannot do that - CSN uses the 'loophole' to deny them CSN Philly.

The FCC ruled that Comcast can no longer use this 'loophole' to deny CSN Philly.

Jest, I don't have a complaint about Comcast, I have both Comcast cable for my locals, and DTV for everything else, including the Flyers.

I'm just happy that Flyers fans nationwide will now be able to get CSN
Philly nationwide .... just like Sharks fans, Caps fans etc etc can their team's CSN nationwide

[and yes, that group includes Comcast customers, regardless of your assertion otherwise]

the only dumb thing here, is your assertion that customers of Comcast can't also have another TV provider, and are not adversely affected by Comcast using this loophole against them
The FCC ruling has nothing to do with customer service, and everything to do with corporate competition.

And, bernie, you keep making up arguments that were never made to make yourself seem like less of a moron.

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