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06-26-2011, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SolkaTruesilver View Post

Thanks for the heads up. Not sure why I though PK was with the Dogs for 2 years. But if Leblanc joins them this year, how does that male him behind Subban in the development curve? 2 years junior, 1 year AHL.. No?

Anyway, I agree with the majority. Better not burn a prospect, specially not a Québécois. He'll never recover, bar being having an exceptional moral resilience.
All signs point to Leblanc going back to the MTL Juniors to start this season, which is why I said he'd be behind PK's curve (if this happens to be the case), as Leblanc woud have played 3 seasons of college/junior after his draft where as Subban was in the OHL for 2 seasons then made the jump the A for his 3rd season.

I think Leblanc gets a lot of heck around here for no reason, people seem to hate his WJC performance, which I don't understand because he was one of Canada's best forwards without a doubt. Not only that, but he was burning up the Q until his injuries started to occur. He had a bum shoulder from December/January on if I'm not mistaken.

I'd be shocked if he didn't become a good two-way Top 6 forward when he hits his stride in the NHL, worst case scenerio being a 3rd liner. He plays with a lot of grit and passion, and he has an intriguing mixed skill set. The biggest knock on him like I said earlier is lack of strength, if the kid bulks up to atleast around 195 he'll be able to fulfill his potential.

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