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06-26-2011, 01:25 PM
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i'm sorry are you a flyer apologist? I don't pay attention is that it?
I live in PA and work in philadelphia. I have alot of co-workers who are flyer fans, one in particular who is privy to inside info about the team at times.

No one saw this coming, many were shocked, and not everyone sees this as the cut and dry "different direction" that you claim was the only thing going on here. Even Carter and Richards said publically they were shocked. Holgren was close to tears in the press conference, yet this was nothing more than a change in directions similar to when Jagr left a few years ago? If you want to believe that go ahead. I don't.

As far as the goaltending situation, they've alleivated themselves of the revolving tandem of goalies, by finally getting a true starter.
The fact is recently he's hardly been impressive in post season giving up 17g, in a sweep! Sure looks like the case is closed on the flyers goaltending situation.

I realize they had to make a move for a goaltender, but you don't trade your captain and assitant captain, young stars who are locked up in their mid twenties unless there's a fiasco going on! You can't tell me the flyers orangization didn't know about their antics until after they awarded them each 10yr contracts.

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