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06-26-2011, 01:41 PM
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Went with a B. Easily could be an A draft though.

JT Miller, before the draft he wasn't on my top 3, but was someone who I said I'd be fine with us drafting. After drafting him, I'm a bit more sold on the kid and a bit embarrassed I didn't see him as our obvious choice. Skill, grit, playmaking, two way, character. Kid has it all. Clear Gordie Clark and Rangers draft pick. He'll be with the Rangers within 2 years, one of the most NHL ready prospects in the draft. A-, couldn't have done much better without moving up.

Steven Fogarty, a big high school phenom like Kreider and Stepan, I'm excited to see how he performs next season. Very complete player despite his competition. B.

Michael St. Croix, my favorite pick of our draft considering position. We got a guy who absolutely oozes skill, filthy playmaker and scorer. If puts on some muscle we got ourselves possibly the steal of the draft. A.

Shane McColgan, what would a Ranger draft be without a mighty mite? Kid can score, steps it up at the right times, was looked at as potential first rounder last year. A good handful of people I know are very high on Shane, I'm happy the Rangers are too. B+

I wasn't so happy about the Samuel Noreau pick, we drafted for toughness last year, and with all our defensive depth and toughness that we already possess I highly doubt this kid ever sees time in the big show. At least with us. D.

Don't know much on Peter Ceresnak, but good size, and I've only heard good things. C.

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