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Originally Posted by Fulton44 View Post
Can someone please contract/compare Nick Cousins and Daniel Catenecci for me?
Strengths, weaknesses, attitude, how they project at the NHL level, etc.

I am a Flyers fan and I was suprised that the Flyers picked Cousins over Catenecci.
I have to think that if they scouted Cousins they saw quite a bit of Catenecci as well and there had to have been something they saw in Cousins that they liked better. I am just curious as I don't know much about them and I saw that Catenecci was ranked 37th and Cousins 71. Alot of teams passed on Catenecci as well so I'd be interested to hear whatever you guys can offer up on both of these kids, thanks.

Oh yeah, one specific question, does Cousins project as more of a winger at the NHL level. Reading about him I have seen that and based on his size and game he sounds like a future 3rd/4th line winger/pest. THANKS!!
I would have clearly took Catenacci over Cousins. Catenacci slipped because of a slump in the last half of dozen games to close the season while Cousins was hot. Then at the under 18's Cousins out did Catenacci by a long shot.

Comparing the two in skill set its not even close Catenacci wins in every department accept for shot accuracy and shot release. Cousins is much more of a natural goal scorer. I think Catenacci is the safer bet to make the NHL with out a doubt and he also has way higher of a ceiling. Catenacci is an elite skater with un human like speed and great stick handling and hands. Cousins is no slouch when it comes to skating and stickhandling as well but he is not as strong on the puck as Catenacci. It could be argued that Cousins has better smarts and knows how to use his linemates better but I think a lot of that is linemates Cousins got the better line mates to play with and Catenacci is more of an end to end guy who carry's in and passes or shoots. Cousins is more of a shooter who gets in position to score but will also carry the puck and do it well. Hope this helps.

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