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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Those stats aren't correct of course (I would probably today score more then 4 pts in 25 games in the Slovak junior league...).

I've heard some about this kid. A physical speciman along the lines of say a Anton Volchenko.

But I would not be suprised if he just aint good enough (nearly), the last slovak picks we has not been great, and IMHO Skokan and Zabrosky was downright worthless picks not worthy a org with a good scouting organization.

I've only seen glimpses of this kid, and cannot comment much on him. But Jan has something to prove IMHO, and I know for sure that good prospects will be picked after this kid or not be picked at all. If this kid do not come close, I'll be dissapointed. Its time that one of this Jan Gladsijk picks from the Czech Rep/Slovakia at least becomes solid AHLers.
You can't go by the stats on Ceresnak because he played with the HK Orange U20 who competes against all of the Slovak Extraliga teams which are made up of older players. The team was outscored on average by 3 goals per game and struggled to score all year so 6 points is pretty good for a forward, let alone a defenseman, on that team.

This kid is big, he can hit, and he also has a very good shot, which somehow hasn't gotten mentioned yet in the analysis of the pick.

He's a bit of a longshot and a project, and he'll need further seasoning, but if it works out could be much more than what you'd expect from a 6th rounder. High risk, high reward, I like that in the late rounds of a draft.

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