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Bryzgalov's interview to Sports. ru; Part I

I would like to offer you another interview with Iliya Bryzgalov to Sports. ru. I will omit some of the parts that I already translated in the other post. Also, as usual I will keep the style as close to the source as possible. In addition, I need to say, that translating Bobís interviews is much easier

The Iliya Bryzgalovís rules of lifeBy Artem Zyryanov

I have never had idols.

To tell you the truth, I am indifferent to fans. I can explain why. When you ok and play well Ė they worship you; but when you on a decline- you become an enemy # 1. At some point of my career I missed almost a year due to injury. I saw a lot during that time and understood a lot.

I do not feel any pressure on the ice and I do not get nervous. I just relax and play. Hockey is entertainment and I have to have fun from it.

There are people who accept me, but there are some that do not. Itís their personal choice. I do not try to be liked.

I canít say that I am a philosopher. But I read philosophy books because they are of interest to me. I am interested in these people thoughts, the ways they came to their conclusions. Just do not think that I spend all my time studying ancient philosophers. But sometimes I think about their theories, their reasoning. But again, itís just sometimes.

I like Socrates. He states that nothing in this world as it seems. One can say to you that this is black and you agree; and then he will prove to you that itís white and you will agree again. And then he will ask you how come you agreed to these statements; and you will ask yourself:ĒWhy is that?Ē

I taught myself not to get carried away when praised and not to get upset when scolded. Nothing is as it seems, as I said before.

California is the best place to play hockey. You wake up in a morning, go to work and itís sunny. And itís not -30 frost or rainy. Itís a heavenly place for hockey, honestly.

America is what I need. There is no rush. Itís quiet, calm and safe.

I have considered Los Angeles as a home town for many years now. I am very comfortable there. I am getting tired of Moscow, it depresses me. I like Russia. But while my children are little, they better off in America.

I am not interested in talking to other hockey players; I practically do not have friends among them. The exception is Datsyuk. I like communicating with him, but my close friends are the guys I grew up with.

I have a very few friends, in general. But I maintain good relationship with everyone.

My previous outlook on life was in my way. I have thought a lot: what is slowing me down? Began to change myself. That Bryzgalov was a good fellow, just was not wise.

You know what I dislike the most? Stupidity and injustice. I have a trait to rebel against them.

I am old-fashioned. I do not like to read on a screen, I need to hold a book, flip the pages.

There is a difference between G_d and a church for me. G_d is everywhere, and a church is just a mean to control people. I canít say that everything is false in church, but a church is just a man who has read books. I talked to a lot of clergy men and have not found answers to my questions.

I would love to learn to drive a space rocket. I dream of going to space, even though itís expensive. I am honest, donít laugh. Please realize, I not interested in routine life.

I use taxi services in Russia. I have 2 BMWís in America. I value comfort and safety in cars. (May be he will replace Richards in WG BMW Commercials. CSKA )

Even if I had time I would not watch TV in Russia. I do not watch it in America either.

I have a TV, but there is nothing to watch besides news.

You canít measure everything with money. If you have a chance to play in the NHL you must take it, otherwise you are coward. I canít say that a hockey player has had a good career if he has not tried himself in the strongest league in the world.

I had to go through all the levels of hockey hell to enjoy everything in hockey today.

I am afraid of heights. I used to enjoy roller coasters, but I had a fear once that something might happen. Why risk? And I am not going on any rides anymore. I have not had and do not have a fear of flying.

I lost all the interest in alcohol. I do not need it. No one will beg you to drink in America if you do not want to. Itís not Russia. I have to ask people here to leave me alone.

What is the sense of life? Love. But not to a certain person. Love to everything that surrounds you. Then you achieve harmony, like me.

To be continued later on today ÖÖ

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