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06-27-2011, 01:42 AM
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I did a 7 round wish list for the Habs before the draft (posted in the 2011 draft thread) listing about 5 players per round I'd want the Habs to draft, placing them in the round I expected them to be picked in, in the rough order that I wanted them. So knocking the names off that list until I got to someone on my wishlist that was still on the board at the Habs' pick, here's who I would have drafted:

17. D Nathan Beaulieu*
97. F Kale Kessy
108. F Marek Tvrdon
113. D Troy Vance
138. D Jesse Forsberg
168. D Alexei Marchenko
198. D Zakhar Armazatsev

The asterisk for Beaulieu is because I didn't bother putting him on my wishlist because I never thought he'd still be there. Going by my "actual" wishlist, my first choice at 17 would have been Mark McNeill.

So there you go...two big forwards and about five "boom or bust" defensemen, heh.

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