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06-27-2011, 01:31 AM
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Here's the link. A couple of interesting points:

*Conferences would still exist 2 x 15
*an 8-team division and a 7-team division for each conference; Pacific, Midwest, East, and South
*home-and-home against all non-divisional teams
*top 4 from each division would make the playoffs
*Detroit and Columbus would likely get their wish to move East

I would assume that the first two rounds of the playoffs would go through the division, just like the old days. I actually think that this would work out pretty well for the West, but call it the Central or Norris division, not the Midwest This should appease a lot of the pro-Central folks on this forum and also benefit Dallas. Swap Phoenix and Colorado if the Yotes move to KC. If the Yotes move to Quebec, then I think both CBJ & DET would have to stay put. The article says Detroit would likely get their wish, but it also cites two 15-team conferences. It seems that there's an inherent contradiction there unless Gary's planning on the Isles moving West:

Pacific- van, cal, edm, wpg, sj, la, ana, phx
Central- col, dal, stl, min, chi, det, nas

As well as this alignment would work in the West, it's going to step on a lot of toes in the East, which is why I can't see this happening. I can't imagine they would cut a line through NYC with the Rangers/Isles playing up North with only a home-and-home against the likes of NJ-PHI-WAS. I think this is the best they would be able to do:

Northeast- tor, otw, mtl, bos, buf, pit, cbj
Atlantic- phi, nj, nyr, nyi, was, car, fla, tb

So which of these divisions does Gary plan on calling the "South"? Ideally, you would want Pittsburgh (& Columbus) in the Atlantic, but then you're either moving the NY teams or the FL teams in to the Northeast. This is probably the best arrangement possible and it results in merely a home and home for pit vs. phi, bos vs. nyr, etc.

I can't see this happening. I really think 6 x 5 with the proper Winnipeg realignment works reasonably well for scheduling purposes. If it does happen, it's probably a good indicator that we'll be seeing two expansion teams in 5-7 years.

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