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06-27-2011, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ragshockey88 View Post
well hey if those guys read this they will at least get a laugh out of the fact that it makes me feel pretty lonely while i cuddle up to my $100 bauer x40 stick that i use for the beer leagues where i PAY TO PLAY.

im also curious if those guys read the boards and make fun of the man crushes people have on them and make fun of us or read and see whats being said. would be interesting to know. well if they do,

hey any current NYR player reading this my beer league team might need a sub we're making a run at the championship. let me know if u want to get a skate or 2 in we have extra jerseys, great locker room guys, and the BEST WINGS YOU WILL EVER HAVE (located in haledon, nj) after the game my treat + beer bong,

I saw a picture last year of Dubinsky looking at a computer and it had hf on it. So yeah, one would assume that cally may see this.

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