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Originally Posted by hatterson View Post
I didn't mean to imply that's why he'd want to move away, obviously it's quite the opposite.

It was just one of many things to consider. If Philly and Tampa offer him the same salary, but Philly can give him a $5M endorsement deal* then he's gotta weigh what the difference is between that additional $5M and having his entire income taxed versus living in Florida without that $5M and not having it taxed. Then he's gotta weigh if that difference in money is more important that the difference in where he wants to live or his desires to win a cup (if they don't line up)

*Obviously I mean the Philly market giving him $5M, I know that the Flyers can't give him $5M outside of his regular NHL salary
If Tampa offered him 8M in salary, the cost of living difference would mean he would have to earn 11M in Philly.

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