Thread: Confirmed with Link: Evgeny Grachev traded to STL for pick #72
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06-27-2011, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by bogans View Post
What people seem not to realize about Grachev was that his "outstanding, rookie season in the OHL" was done with lots of smoke and mirrors. He came over when already physically developed at the age of 18 (older than most players in the CHL other than overagers) with a HUGE body type. So although he was a rookie and won the rookie of the year aware, he was the same age as Hodgson (who also still has not made the NHL, but I think will break out big time next season if his back holds up) who far and away outplayed him. In addition, he was on a dominant team in Brampton playing with a kid who is already a top-line center in the NHL in Matt Duchesne. He played on the power play with both of these guys who were far more dnagerous and called for significantly more attention than him.

So in reality, though he had a great year that got us all very excited about the prospect we had gotten in the third round of the draft, he was a role player on a very good, if not great juniors squad. When he came to the AHL it became VERY apparent that Gernander had to completely overhaul his game in order for him to potentially be a top-6 NHLer. Obviously, he did have the tools for the overhaul being that he won faster skater in the OHL All Star Competition, he had a very good shot and lots of size. I was very hopeful that with the tools he had, all of a sudden (and I was still hopeful that it would happen this coming year too) it would all fall into place, he would get "it," and his game would transform. It is something that could happen suddenly with that type of player and he could certainly still turn into that successful NHL top 6 player.

What this trade tells me is that they don't think he has the hockey sense in order to allow it to fall into place or that he is not willing to work hard enough to get there. As much as the kid may have asked for a trade, there is no way they would give him up for a third rounder unless Rangers brass thought it was a lost cause. Now lets hope Steven Fogarty isn't the same type of case, dominating high schoolers with his size and speed, that are good, but maybe not that elite.
Focusing just on the Fogarty comment, I do believe Rangers brass was pleasantly surprised to discover he's now 6'3". By their comments, he's grown at least an inch and a half since they were scouting him in games this past spring.

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