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06-27-2011, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
You are overblowing these "injuries" way too much...seriously it's pretty bad. I think Daulton said it best..there is a difference between playing injured and playing hurt. If you are hurt you can still help your team and plenty of professional athletes have done so and continue to do so. Remember Kappy and other players on the Flyers some who played with broken ribs and were still effective. He also said that if you are INJURED and can't perform then it's best for you and the team to pull yourself out and let somebody who can give it their all go in there even if they are less talented. Where there is a will there is a way...

Richards was HURT with his wrist and pneumonia ..he wasn't some invalid and it was clear by the second half his will power to overcome those nagging maladies wasn't there like in previous years. He just wasn't the same and it wasn't all physical...
You are completely dismissing these injuries way too easily.

A sprained MCL is most certainly an injury. A wrist problem that needs surgery is most certainly an injury. And if you think the team would have been better off with Richards not playing, you clearly just hate Richards. I don't see how you can claim otherwise; there's no way to back up that statement. He was the team's Captain, and he was leading by example...but you'd rather have him just sit out and watch from the press box? You and others would be tearing him apart for doing that.

These guys cant ****ing win. They play injured, and people hound them for not playing well enough. They sit out for being injured, and people hound them for not playing.

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