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06-27-2011, 02:02 PM
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A Portland fan here stopping in to say hello. I went down to the press conference and I'm actually quite excited to be affiliated with Phoenix. It sounds like there is a five year agreement in place, so the affiliation will hopefully last a bit longer than our previous two with Buffalo and Anaheim. Brian Petrovec, the owner of the team, expressed how interested the Phoenix organization was in partnering up with Portland. That was a major factor in the decision to affiliatie with the Coyotes.

From a fan perspective, I love the young crop of players you have in your organization. You've done this while icing a competitive team the last two seasons. I was told that the team we'll see next season, in Portland, will be a defensive oriented team. It will be composed of bigger and more physical players, unlike the team we had when affiliated with Buffalo. It sounds a lot like the teams I'm used to following, like the Boston Bruins. When we were affiliated with Anaheim, we had a similar team in the AHL too, which I liked.

Petrovec also expressed how important it is for the AHL team to be competitive. Obviously this is great to hear and didn't expect anything less. With a great pipeline of players mixed in with veterans and a good coaching staff, I don't see this being an issue. It is rumored that a former Pirates player may be returning to the team. Not sure if it would be someone from last season, like a Derek Whitmore, or someone from San Antonio like Nolan Yonkman.

I know you guys got some great defensive prospects in the system that I'll be excited to watch over the next few years. One player in particular is Brandon Gormley. I went and watched him play a few times during his draft year and fell in love with his game. It looks like he'll be in Moncton next season, but I'd love to see him in a Pirates uniform before he becomes a full time Coyote, which should be sooner rather than later.

I'm looking forward to the affiliation and I'll stop in from time to time to add my two cents on how players are developing in the system. Enjoy the summer and I'll be back in the fall for what should be a great season of hockey at the AHL and NHL level.

Note: Don Maloney is supposed to be attending a press conference here in Portland on July 14th, which I'm looking forward to. It is always nice to see the man at the helm of the franchise and I'm sure we'll see him from time to time at games in Portland.

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