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10-19-2003, 04:48 AM
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Finally saw a game...

and I guess the consensus is, thank God Dunham's at the top of his game. He pretty much preserved the point.

Other random notes: don't worry about Mess' ice time, etc...he's far from being this team's worst forward and has earned ice time, even in crunch time, given the breadth of centers on this team. Further he played 13+ minutes, got the game-tying goal, and played well with Barnaby (who too played pretty well).

Lindros looked active, but his linemates weren't (Rucinsky did not seem to bad though, but I didn't notice Carter at all).

Now I know what Sather saw in Hlavac in trading for Lindros, and what Philly saw, and Vancouver and finally Carolina.

Nedved seemed very disinterested last night...Kovalev was very active setting up chances and carrying the play and his linemates seemed a bit inept last night.

Holik...had a coule active shifts, but does very little, almost as little as Lundmark who wasn't involved until late in the game - nice to see Sather giving him a chance, and in OT...but he's still looking smallish out there and getting little done.

On defense...Mironov and Malakhov were responsible for a goal. I'd say they played pretty well, but they were responsible for a goal. Kaspar sucked. Bouchard was a non-factor. Poti played very well at both ends and was all over the ice (seems as though he's more omfortable with a defensive partner). de Vries impressed me - I'm used to him pinching or taking other chances and getting beat - he was pretty solid.

Anyways...still no wins, but at least it seems as though the defense has tightened. It's a start if it's for real...the goals will come...

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