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06-27-2011, 03:54 PM
Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by Stealth JD View Post
It's the revenue of the top-markets (Tor, Mtl, NYR, etc.) that are killing the small-market teams (Fla, Nash, Stl) way can those lower-tier teams commit a minimum of $50M for a roster. And yet they have to because of the revenue being generated by the "haves".

Either revenue needs to be calculated on the middle 10 teams and extrapolated (excluding the 10 largest and smallest), or revenue sharing has to be much greater for the "have-nots". Without a reduction in the cap-floor, too many teams are going to be hurting. And if the cap continues to be tied to a % of league revenues, the only way to reduce the floor, is to increase the ceiling...which takes us right back to the pre-lockout days when one team could have a $15M payroll, while it's competitor has a $75M payroll.
Please. There should be an advantage for teams that actually make the league money. Why should St. Louis get the same advantages of a team who actually makes a lot of money? Why even bother making money if it's just going to go to prop up a poor little team that can't afford to compete?

You want everything to be equal. True equality is utopian and will never happen.

I do think revenue sharing should be increased a bit, but not so that each team can spend well over the cap floor. Revenue sharing should somehow be tied with making sure all teams can afford to spend to the floor and no higher. If they want to risk spending higher, than go ahead.

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