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06-27-2011, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by NathansPost View Post
Gradin was named a part-time scout in 1994-95 and full-time a couple of years later, so realistically he's had his hands on likely all of our Swedish picks since the 1995 draft. He was also named head of European scouting in 1998-99. So with that in mind, what does the Canuck drafting record of Swedes and Europeans look like in that time frame?

1995 - None
1996 - Jonas Solnig (33 AHL games)
1997 - No Swedes, Gradin still not Head European Scout
1998 - No Swedes, Gradin still not Head European Scout (Ruutu was Mike Keenan's doing, may have had a hand in Chubarov)
1999 - Sedins, Now Head Euro Scout and the Canucks took Rene Vydareny and Markus Kankaanpera, 0 NHL games between them
2000 - Possibly Pavel Duma, if Gradin's title includes Russia, 0 NHL games
2001 - Konstantin Mikhailov and Evgeny Gladskikh from Russia, 0 NHL games
2002 - Kirill Koltsov, Denis Grot and Ilya Krikunov from Russia, Lukas Mensator from Czech Republic , Thomas Nussli from Switzerland, 0 NHL games total
2003 - Nicklas Danielsson from Sweden, Sergei Topol from Russia, 0 NHL games
2004 - Hansen and Edler, both massive steals that Gradin likely played a big part in

I think you should remove all the Russians from the Burke era (99-04) from your list. I know they had a Russian scout during that era, there's no way a scout based in Scandinavia is scouting Russia as well. Still an interesting list, full of hits and misses as you said.

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