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06-27-2011, 04:28 PM
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have to say that this is a classic D draft until some of the long term project players pan out.

THe NYR brass did nice in getting Erixon but they could've insisted that it be 1 2nd round pick and a 3rd from next season.

THey should've landed Miller in the 2nd round as he was basically available @45 no problem.

As for brainer here McNeil has the size/ Faceoffs and speed to be a good #2/3 pivot right now in the NHL the way that 18 yr old o'Reilly was the for AVS recently. Really shocked that he fell that far down and the blackhawks lucked out getting him @18.

The Blueshirts could've also had Miller in the late first or early 2nd by way of swap as they had probably scouted him much more than most teams. Talking to several GM's over the weekend I didn't see too much focus on players that were NHL ready now outside of the obvious top 10 players which Miller clearly wasn't. HE's a classic inside info guy that other teams would consider in the mid-late second round...but I'm sure the NYR could've sent say....Gratchev+Williams to the Wild for the 40thpick to land Miller. that way they'd have 2 solid pivots in McNeil and Miller instead of just 1....SHame...the other picks are mostly projects and will probably net 1 solid NHL starting lineup player to surprise us all but the reality is that this Draft was more about getting 1 "safe" all around skater than it was about getting the usual drafting Hat trick of 3 good players in a draft.

they've could've gotten much more and aimed too low of just getting 1 key player. Time will tell but SAFE IS DEATH is the mantra that organizationally should be part of the Draft focus for the NYR now with a large spread of varied types of players and no elite star defenders or Playmakers waiting outside of the NHL.

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