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06-27-2011, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
What the heck are you talking about??...

First off, Pouliot can be re-signed by the Habs for cheaper.
Second, maybe Gauthier rathered try to move him for something better than just a 7th rounder.
Thirdly, it's freaking Pouliot.
Fourthly, if Pouliot can only get a 7th rounder, then what would Pyatt supposedly get?
Fifthly, at some point, you need to realize that a trade isn't necessarily better, ie. Boyd for SK (but that wasn't Gauthier's fault)
Finally, what if no, no teams were interesting in giving up ANY asset for a player that will not be qualified, that isn't overly interesting at 1.3M, and that is likely to become a UFA that they'll be able to not only sign for less but not lose any asset whatsoever.
Ya, let's just whine about it and call it poor asset management from Gauthier instead. How pretentious.

What did you want Gauthier to do at the deadline? He went after guys like Wiz, Mara, Sopel, but hey, it's never enough because on the actual deadline he did nothing..He should have gone have disregarded cap, gave up asset, and went after players that likely would have changed absolutely nothing in the outcome of our season..
We already had too many injuries to go out and waste some prospects/picks in acquiring a rental.

I would expect some clueless fan to spew out crap like that but not you.
I was willing to let go your Belanger over Gomez comment for the top lines, but now I'm really starting to wonder what the heck is in the water you're drinking, or if you're drinking any.
I said that later in another poster that we might try to re-sign him for less. I forgot how much he made and corrected my mistake. I still think Pouliot is a good enough player to earn a spot with this club though, that's my point.

As for the injuries, I don't buy it. I think we could of won the Cup, hell we were one goal away from knocking out the Champs. I would of liked to acquire a forward. Even Sturm who was on waivers for free - not that he had a great end to the season, but that's hindsight.

And man, I like you but I don't really care if you agree with my opinion. That's why it's my opinion.

I'm not even a fan of Pouliot, but unless we attempt to re-sign him for less, it's poor asset management as far as I'm concerned.

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