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06-27-2011, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by goman View Post
Love the idea that losing a throw-in that became a fringe NHL player now makes the Gomez trade bad. It was a pleasant surprise that Pyatt played at the NHL level at all for us..
is anyone really saying that losing pyatt makes the gomez trade bad? all i've seen is people pointing out how silly it was for the camp of posters who tried to sell the gomez trade as good, to argue that getting Pyatt was part of what made it good.

Originally Posted by goman View Post
Yes, that trade was disappointing but it was made to give us a first line centre. Does anyone still think Gomez is a first line centre? No, but regardless, that was the intention...
and the path to hell is paved with idiotic intentions like that one

Originally Posted by goman View Post
Now that Pyatt is perhaps on his way out it doesn't mean the trade was bad. The trade was bad because Gomez isn't a number one centre. .
trade was bad b/c
- Gomez was not a number 1 centre AND was not better than the incumbent we had, who would've cost 1/2

- we traded away the best asset (McDo), and in return got the worst contract, AND gave up the best additional asset (Higgins).

- in a cap era, you don't add a 7M$ player unless you are SURE that he can contribute as a top player in your roster... Gomez's time in NY made it abundantly clear he could not live up to that but our brain thrust thought they could prove everyone else wrong.

Originally Posted by goman View Post
Also, getting 2 years of service out of guy like Pyatt is worth something. Probably about what Higgins was worth to NY. Busto's value is probably close to Valentenko's. .
I like Pyatt, and I like the contributions/role he's had with us since coming over. but as so many have pointed out (and the habs apparently feel), he's easily replaceable and not even worth qualifying...

that makes him a zero as far as balancing out the trade, higgins -as bad as he was- was used by Sather in another trade which gave his club better assets than they gave up. Pyatt is being cut loose for nothing... Higgins has always had far more value than Pyatt, trying to compare the two is silly.

likewise, comparing Valentenko to Busto is a massive stretch. Valentenko had a great year in the AHL, drawing generous comparisons to a young Volchenkov, and is giving every indication of developping into the NHLer we hoped he could become, he'll likely get a good look this year, and within 1-2 seasons will be playing a regular role with an NHL team.

Busto can't even crack the AHL...

not even remotely close.

Originally Posted by goman View Post
So it's really just become McDonagh for Gomez. Tough one. But probably a chance a lot of GMs with cap space might have made with Gomez only a year removed from a 70pt season.

not a GM in his right mind that would give up his #1 prospect for a player who had massively underperformed for 2 consecutive seasons... at least not one who understands the impact of a cap on managing a roster.

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