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09-03-2005, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
When I refer to athletic departments and their success, I am referring to their success with revenue producing sports such as football, basketball (both men's and women's), and baseball. These four are the most crucial aspects of the athletic department. It is their success that dictates the level of funding for the crew, swimming, etc. Despite great facilities, the University of Kentucky has hovered around last in the SEC in three of these four sports. Yet somehow, fans keep showing up for football and the big two (Football and Men's Basketball) generate incredible revenue flows when you compare it to their success, especially in football. Vanderbilt, mostly due to their lack of recent success in the big two and only good success in the lesser two, is last, in my opinion, using my determination.
Not successful, huh? Men's basketball: Sweet Sixteen two years ago. Women's basketball: Sweet Sixteen last two years (maybe more, I didn't check past two years ago). That might be a failure for Kentucky, but not for mere mortal basketball programs. If I recall correctly, they had a pretty good tournament in baseball a couple of years ago as well.

I'm not going to argue revenue streams with you. The basketball teams sell some tickets, but nothing stellar.

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