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Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
year after year, since the lockout...must have us confused with the Leafs...
2005-2006- 7th (1 win/1 otl ahead of the 9th & 10th place teams)
2006-2007- Missed the playoffs
2007-2008- won the conference!
2008-2009- 8th (finished tied for 8th advancing to playoffs on direct match-up result)
2009-2010- 8th (made the playoffs on the final weekend thanks to losses by other teams
2010-2011- 6th

since the lock-out, we've only missed the playoffs 1x, but on 3 other occasions we made the playoffs on the last day(s) of the season...

only twice since the lockout did we "comfortably" make the playoffs, so is it really that exaggerated that other hockey fans have considered our team a "bubble" playoff team most years?

I'd say it's proven to be a failry accurate description more often than not.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I believe in JVR but I think it might be a little early to expect him to dominate and have a career year. They are asking a lot out of these younger players and while I think they'll improve, I don't know if they are prime time ready. There are a whole bunch of 'ifs' here.
my bad, I meant "career-year" in the sense of his best yet, not that he will have the best season of his career...

coming off of a 20g, 40pt season (where he added 7g/11games in the playoffs), and looking at the way he was playing to close out the season, I think JVR (if healthy), could quite realistically put up a 30g/60pt season this year, putting him in the range of what Carter was giving them the past 2 seasons.

filling Richards hole will be tougher, given how much he brought to the table in all parts of the game, but btw Simmonds/Voracek/bryzgalov, i won't be surprised if they end up with a net gain, to say nothing of what Schenn may add and even potentially Coutourier (especially since he's the type of rookie who could convieavably come in and play a solid bottom-6 role from day one).

definitely a lot of "if's", but are they any bigger than the "if" the Flyers have been dealing with for years in between the pipes?

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
They moved their core players for picks and prospects to develop with the kids they already have. That looks like a rebuild to me. The Brizgalov signing though, was really strange. Good goalie, but he's 31 and that's too long a contract for a goalie who is good but not great.
definitely agree that the term they gave Bryzgalov is a bit puzzling, and strikes me as a bit of a reactionary move (the pain of their recent goaltending situation pushing them to an opposite extreme... a gm going from "i don't need a bonafide #1" to changing the entire dynamic of his contending team in order to lock one up for almost a decade is a pretty rash change of direction, no doubt).

semantics to argue the real definition of "re-build", I'd speculate that Holmgren fully believes that his team, today, is as able to/better equipped to contend than they were last week. getting a windfall of picks/prospects that likely won't contribute immediately is icing on the cake for them imo.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It's not just Burke though... JFJ went out and gave away Rask for nothing, plus they've squandered picks for years. Burke has shown that he can be a good GM but I don't understand why he keeps giving away picks. Maybe he's learned his lesson.
no doubt, leafs management is one of the few around the league that has actually been worse at managing assets than the habs were the past decade...

but Burke has also made quite a few moves to add both quality/depth to his roster while moving out players that either they didn't think highly enough off, or that they felt they could get more from by moving.

it seems like almost every time the habs make a move, it's the opposite. We're buying high and selling low, at least when we aren't giving up assets for nothing.

even with the Kessel move, I think if you were to look at the Habs moves since Burke took over and compared, it would be painfully clear that they are building up their talent base while we are thinning it...

"luckily" we have two players (Price/Subban), who are of the kind of quality that they can help a team disguise otherwise glaring roster/organization flaws.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I don't know if Philly should be included in that group anymore and while I agree that NJ should be better, they're still a bit of a wildcard too. The East is just such a mess now.
and that's before seeing what happens in July... a few big moves could certainly help shift some of that balance of power.

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