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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
When some of your assets get outplayed by other assets.../how exactly is that bad asset management? You make a trade..if that person outplays others and earns a spot great. If he doesn't and doesn't get offered another is that bad asset management? It's simply survival of the make trades and you draft players..some will work out and some won't. There are 20 roster spots.... it is IMPOSSIBLE for every draft pick and every person traded for to make the team... there are only so many roster spots. Some of you apparently can't figure that very basic fact out. EVERY trade and EVERY high draft pick is supposed to be a first-line player according to some. It's really rather silly. :-)
I understand that, that's why I thought the D'Ago deal was a good one. He didn't have a place on the team (no openings/better players to fill the position etc.), but they traded him for someone younger, and the Habs still had time to develop that new player. Whether Palushaj pans out or not doesn't matter to me with regards to the deal because they made a move to get someone to develop for the future. With that said, can't really complain about the Pouliot acquisition I guess, at least he looked to have potential and they took the risk. But Boyd didn't seem to make much sense, seeing that he was older and you pretty much knew what you were getting, an AHLer/Fringe NHLer. At least a late round pick would give you the hope of developing a young raw talent.

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