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Name (if comfortable giving out) and/or origin of screen-name:
pretty obvious I'd say, but it does have dual meanings. I'm a Red Wings fan, and also a loyal least I like to think I am
Where ya from: Oakland Township, Michigan
Favorite Current Red Wing player(s):Datsyuk
Favorite All-Time Red Wing player(s):Datsyuk, but I also have the utmost respect for Yzerman, Lidstrom and Zetterberg.
Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Marian Hossa, I'm about 1/4 Slovakian, plus I think he's a incredible hockey player and a classy guy.
Least-Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Joe Thornton or Jordin Tootoo
Favorite food:meh, changes constantly, Tex-mex and Pizza are 2 mainstays.
Favorite beer:I like all beers, not a big fan of cheap beers that make hangovers even worse (i.e. Pabst, Busch etc.)
Other teams/sports you watch: I like NFL football and the Lions, but it doesn't even compare with my love for hockey.

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