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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
Oh man sting do we really disagree here with about all of this. First off, just because they faced lesser defenders doesnt take anything away from them. They had been one of our most consistant lines all season long. Again, im going to say it one more time.. Players need to be put in the right positions in order to suceed in the nhl. when wolski is used in the right spot he is a good player (12pts - 18games).
They were our most consistent line? I could have sworn it was Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust, not Wolski-Boyle-Prust. Wolski has been put in the right spot throughout his career, and sometimes he has shown up to play, and sometimes he hasn't. That's on no one but him. I'm not taking anything away from them, just pointing out the simple fact that when you play on a bottom six line, you aren't necessarily going to face the same defenders that you do when you play on a top six line, at least not as much, anyway. Your whole point is about putting him on the top line.

Umm the defense would have to catch them first, frankly i dont see how any teams 1st pairing will do what your saying. That line is an EXTREMLEY skilled line and one that should be given a shot. Richards can then set up either Wolski or Gaborik for a shot.
No one values skill more than me, but ideally, skill needs to be complimented with some other elements, including a physical presence, especially when the skill you are talking about in this case is Gaborik and Richards, a couple of players that bring no physicality to the table. I'm certainly not advocating that you put some goon on the top line with Richards and Gaborik. Gretzky was special enough to have Semenko on his line. Most great offensive players, however, need a guy who can bring a combination of physicality and offensive ability, the way Dubinsky can. Wolski certainly cannot do that.

If you dont agree with that then i dont know what to tell you, maybe you need to go back and watch last season over again. Without dubinsky on that line, that line fell apart, and no other line was able to establish any presence besides the Feds-Boyle-Prust line.
I'm not sure what you're talking about. If you mean Callahan and Anisimov, again, I STRONGLY disagree. For one, Callahan is the superior player to Dubinsky, and the latter needs the former more than the former needs the latter. You could put Dave Karpa and Dale Purinton on a line with Ryan Callahan and the line would still be productive, simply because anytime Callahan is on the ice, good things happen and the other team is guaranteed to have a much harder time doing anything.

What you need to do is have more than 1 lethal scoring line. If we put Dubinsky with Richards and Gaborik you are making our team ALOT easier to play against just line last year where they only had to focus on one line. This way now they have to focus on not just stopping the Pack line but also the Richards-Gaborik line..
I think it's quite the other way around. By putting Dubinsky on the first line, you're giving the Rangers two lines to be feared. The line you are suggesting, Wolski-Richards-Gaborik, would be trampled. Any of the league's better defensive pairings would crush that line. They would be all over them and immediately trap both wings below the mid boards, and then rough them up, and Wolski would barely do any better with that than Gaborik. A line centered by Richards is one that is going to spend a lot of time in the offensive zone, and that's why you need a guy like Dubinsky or even a Boyle to be able to absorb some punishment below the goal line and in the corners. Wolski can't even decide to play every game, much less take that kind of punishment every shift, every game. You're significantly under appreciating the importance of having a physical presence for a duo like Richards and Gaborik.

Callahan and Anisimov are both such fundamentally sound players that you could put practically any forward with a modicum of offensive talent on their LW, and they'd be able to produce, especially because with Richards Dubinsky and Gaborik on the first line, the defensive attention wouldn't be focused as much on that second line.

The caps were nowhere near the team that was much better. Better yes but not by much at all. They were a team that when we were healthy we beat game in and game out. The games were ALOT closer than your making it out to be. Regardless, this bit is about prospal and he was nowhere to be found at all. The guy has NOTHING left in the tank. Congrads to him for showing up to 29 nhl games. What happened to him the rest of the time? He was unnoticable, played without heart, has no physicality to his game, gets consistantly out muscled for pucks, and just does NOT have what it takes to go through a full NHL season.
Again, I have to highly disagree. The regular season games between the two clubs mean nothing, because in the playoffs, Washington was the better club, and in most of the games, by a significant margin. Also, what do you mean what happened to Prospal the rest of the time? They played 5 playoff games and lost to a better team, without Callahan in the lineup to boot. He looked about as futile offensively as everyone else on the team did, including Wolski.

Outbattled and out muscled for pucks? Physicality? That's not his job. Heck, that's Wolski EVERY game, but you're complaining about Prospal? No one is looking for those things out of Prospal. You keep Prospal around because he's easily the best playmaker on the team, and that's despite the fact that he can barely move.

Sorry id much rather try a 25yo 50pt winger who seems much different now than he did when he first came here. The guy is finally finding a niche here with friends (boyle) and understanding he needs to continue to work hard in order to be a player in the league. He is doing all of that and id like to see what hes got after a full training camp under torts. Wolski will have a turn around year this year. You can quote me on that if you want. But id rather use the space on other players than give a broken down prospal anymore time here.
Maybe he will. I sure as heck hope so. But you're talking about a guy who already did the same thing you're talking about, and then **** the bed again. He came to Phoenix, played very well, and then went back to his old self. No one is denying his talent.

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