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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
But again, where's the arrogance? I have an opinion. Yes, I go as far as having strong opinions on guys I like and strong opinions on guys I don' what? People in here have strong opinions ON ALL THE SUBJECTS....yet, seems that there's a police mostly for the drafting and development issues...I don't get it. As a matter of fact, I've seen Hudon play before and live this year. Happened to be around visiting friends with my wife and decided to go. While it's just 1 game, that I have followed his progression through friends and all, I liked what I saw. Not the greatest IQ in the world, absolutely, but he could have had way more points the game I saw if he had the chance to play with adequate linemates. But I didn't pick him at #1 did I? He's a 4th rounder...maybe at best a 3rd liner....don't see how it can be a problem. That's why he fell down 'cause he has all those attributes but then, the biggest attribute of them all, IQ, is questioned. But you know what.....I DON'T HAVE THEM ALL RIGHT. You can be totally right and I'd be wrong. If Timmins is allowed to not have it all, pretty sure that with the limitations that I have, that I'm also allowed to have them wrong....and we all know I did. Besides, you have to tell the whole story as far as the list you talked about....That list was a list for the 4th round....look at the rest of the draft after that list, and I didn't miss 100 players....So as much as I like doing it, and feel strongly about stuff, I am often wrong. And once in a while right. I just have fun doing it.
Just to set the record straight, the list you posted was before the second round, go back - check for yourself not that it matters in the grand scheme of things. Also I didn't say you were arrogant, just that some of your reactions after selections come off as arrogant.

As for Hudon, he's a perfect example of scouts falling in love with the package not withstanding that he has never produced at any level including Bantam AA. Last year third year at Choate and he scores 10 goals - some games playing against teams that would not even qualify for Midget AA. IMO he has clearly regressed since he was selected to the Quebec U17 team.

Meanwhile, Archambeault plays 2 years in the Q - gets 50 points and all we can do is find the flaws and ridicule the Habs scouting staff.

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