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06-27-2011, 08:44 PM
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This thread title is a little misleading, I thought this was something that Sather said recently.

Anyway, the Gomez signing was bad. It was bad on July 1, 2007, and it's still bad today. Canadiens fans want him gone. Some of Gomez's money could have gone towards re-signing Jagr, a far superior player to build around than Gomez. And regardless of Gomez and Drury's contracts or cap hits, the decision to build a team around them as core players, instead of recognizing them as complementary players, was a mistake.

The Redden signing was unjustifiable. The PP needed fixing, but Sather could have signed someone more effective than Redden like Streit for less money.

What it comes down to is that no one was holding a gun to Sather's head and forcing him to make these signings. He did have a choice in the matter, and the decisions he made were bad. There were other options as free agents, or he could have explored the trade market. As a GM, Sather can always walk away from a negotiation if the term or price is getting out of hand. He should have walked away from both the Gomez and Redden negotiations and didn't.

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