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06-27-2011, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyplayer99 View Post
the top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs, guess the Rangers won't make the playoffs for a long time if it is the one huge division with Philly, Pens, Caps, Boston, Devils, Montreal and the Islanders. That is a stackted division and some good teams won't make it. Then teams in the crappy division will make it because they have St. Louis, Florida, Carolina, TB Dallas, Columbus., and 2 other tams, don't remember them. How is it fair when a team in a division has 92 points, but is 7th in the division and they have more points then almost every team in the other division but St. Louis makes it as the 2nd seed with 80 points. I don't know just sounds pretty bad.
In that setup, there wouldn't be a 7th place team with 92 points. The schedule would be very different and the balance of power would shift accordingly.

Originally Posted by Zil View Post
That's not the issue. That setup gives a built-in advantage to the teams in the two seven-team divisions. Four divisions is fine, but it can't be four playoff spots to each division. That's just unfair to 16 of the teams.
It doesn't really. It might be an advantage or it might be a disadvantage. Depending on the strength of the teams in the particular division, you might have a year where playing more games against less teams is bad for one particular team or vice versa. Having less teams to play against doesn't mean those teams are easier to play against.

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