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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post

The Montreal Canadiens have made several changed in the last couple of years on the management side of things. Out are former Canadiens Guy Carbonneau, Bob Gainey and now Kirk Muller. In are former Senators Pierre Gauthier, Jacques Martin and Randy Conneyworth. So much for Habs tradition I guess.

But itís the decisions made by this new management that catch the attention above all. While being dominated at just about every level on the ice, the Canadiens rode the tail of a hot goaltender (Halak) two years ago to give the impression that the team was heading in the right direction. Many fans bought into the idea and gave the Gauthier/Martin duo a blind vote of confidence. This past season, young superstars to be Carey Price and PK Subban made their coach and GM look good once again as without their amazing contribution, especially Molson Cup winner Price, the team would have been excluded from the playoffs.

The scariest thing about it is that the GMís and coachís track records arenít very positive. Many players had a terrible season offensively. Many others have been given away, players who, under smothering coaching and unfair treatment towards young talented players, have found their niche and success elsewhere. Letís look at it a bit closer if we mayÖ
  • Gone are Ben Maxwell and a 4th round pick, and so are the two players we got in return: Nigel Dawes and Brent Sopel. Thatís a four player swing!
  • ...

Read more: Je suis... Senator?!?

You imply that all those departed Habs were going balls-out great. They weren't. You imply that the Habs were doing better in the playoffs before Martin arrived. YouThey weren't. So how did the Habs get to scare the bejeebers out of the SC champs, taking them to 7 games in which 3 were decided in OT, despite the absence of key Habs who might have altered the outcome? Do you suffer from self-induced amnesia when you overlook the 2 goals and 1 assist of the great Latenesse [spelling intentional] in 23 games before he was traded? Or the disruptive antics of the lesser Kostitsyn or the futility of Maxwell or the reverse metamorphosis of the Magic Slovak into just a pretty good goaltender after he was traded to the Blues? Do you dislike the signing of (Y)Emelin at long last, which eluded Gauthier's predecessor? You must have been sucking on a particularly sour lemon when you unburdened youself.

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