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06-28-2011, 12:44 AM
Rust Heisenberg
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I really am surprised by how quickly most fans turn on players. Del Zotto was the poster child for the first half of his rookie season. He's barely 21, 4 days in, and is expected to succeed right off of the bat at the NHL level?

I mean come on guys. All players grow at their own pace, and for defensemen it is harder for them to become decent NHL players until later on in their careers. Sauer was a prospect who many gave up on 2 years before he even broke into the NHL. Even during his short stints up before last year he didnt look like half the player he became. It took him what, 3-4 years to become who he was last year, and that's without a year and a half of previous NHL experience.

For those giving up on Del Zotto, I think you are all being ridiculously impatient. To be quite honest I think he's a player who will be absolutely vital for our future success. Defensively he has a ways to go, offensively he has to learn consistency and decision making, but once he gets it all to click, he'll become really good. Under no circumstance would I trade him yet until we see how progresses these next few years.

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